First impressions matter

Let a local photographer capture your space in its best light. Our experts can help you transform your facility to stand out to members.

Collaborate on styling, lighting, and framing to bring out the best of what you offer
Capture all the important amenities so potential members can visualize themselves in your facility
Shoot with expert equipment and edit all the final details

How it works

  1. Request a photoshoot - We’ll match you with a professional photographer, and you can schedule directly with them. 

  2. Meet your photographer - They’ll spend about an hour photographing your facility. Your new photos will go live a few weeks later after we review your best shots. 

  3. Pay seamlessly, with future bookings - We’ll automatically deduct the cost of your photoshoot from future payouts. The total cost varies by home and location, and most hosts are able to pay it off within three bookings.


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